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Yes! We Do Wholesale

Fresh Baguette has a thriving wholesale business that serves coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores fresh products every day.

Our commitment to creating high-quality baked goods means that you can be confident of your client’s level of satisfaction.

Our vast offering means we can save you time. Fresh Baguette is a one-stop shop for all bakery items, including a large selection of organic bread, Viennese pastries, and sweet treats.

Contact Us

To schedule a tasting or get a customized quote, please email us at or call  (301) 312-4630.

For current clients with a delivery question, please TEXT our text hotline at (855) 960-6497 between 3:00 – 11:00 am.



Are You Looking for A Customer-Oriented Partner to Support Your Local Business?

➵ Fresh Baguette Serves

• High-quality products handcrafted every day and baked fresh every night
• Daily delivery prior to your opening
• A user-friendly online ordering platform so you can place orders at your convenience
• Live customer service support at all times
• Regular new product offerings to try
• Seasonal items
• The highest food safety controls and certifications

Are You Looking for A Reliable and Strong Logistics Department to Deliver Daily to Several Locations in The DMV Area Daily?

➵ Fresh Baguette Delivers

• Early/Daily delivery in the whole DMV area
• Packing requirements to maintain products quality
• Nutritional information and labels available (2020 FDA format)
• Highly trained and reliable delivery staff
• Delivery tracking system
• A live hotline for delivery questions

Are You Looking for Fresh Bread Handcrafted with 100% Organic Ingredients?

➵ Fresh Baguette Commits To:

• Using only organic flour that is unbleached and unbromated
• Ethically sourcing organic seeds
• Preparing dough every morning and shaping bread by hand
• Baking bread every night to ensure freshness and taste